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Long Term Paddler Development

The BCU Long Term Paddler Development (LTPD) Model has been developed based on the specific needs of paddlesport and the work of Dr. Istvan Balyi, a Hungarian / Canadian coach and Sport Development specialist.

The BCU LTPD model outlines pathways for all paddlers to take through the sport and is based on the principles behind human growth and development. The model aims to provide a base of paddlesport and movement skills that will give an individual the opportunity to enjoy our sport to whatever level they choose, whether recreationally or high performance. It also aims to help deliverers provide the right opportunities at the right time, ensuring that paddlers are enjoying paddlesport and progressing at an optimal level. Through the LTPD pathway the BCU aims to create a working framework that provides paddlers at all stages of development, in all disciplines, the opportunity to be the best they can. It aims to give paddlers the necessary building blocks required to progress, ensuring the right opportunities are offered at the right time as part of a clear and agreed vision and strategy.

The Long Term Paddler Development model supports paddlers from the day they first get into a boat over a span of many years, providing a logical progression of programme planning and skill development from the young paddler to the experienced performer.

At each stage specific principles and guidelines for physical, psychological, technical, tactical and ancillary development are identified. Once competencies have been achieved at one level, they form the foundation for the next level. The model takes the paddler from basic to complex skills, from general to specific, and from beginner to expert. It considers what the paddler should be doing and when, providing the best possible programme to ensure individuals come into the sport, stays in the sport and achieve performances that reflect their potential / aspirations.

It does not matter if someone just wants to have fun on the water, become a hard-core river runner or an Olympic / World champion. Whatever their aspirations, Long Term Paddler Development is about giving them the chance to get the most out of paddlesport, being able to achieve their ambitions and realise their dreams.

In order for Long Term Paddler Development to make a difference we need you, whatever your involvement, to help us implement this programme. With time, the principles behind Long Term Paddler Development should underpin everyone’s paddling experiences across all levels of our sport.
If you wish to email the BCU LTPD Project Officer with any comments, concerns or questions please feel free to do so.
If you wish to purchase a copy of the Long Term Paddler Development Pathway go to Coaching Supplies or Contact the UK Coaching Department (0845 370 9500).