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From a beginning almost as old as mankind, when the kayak or canoe was part of the process of survival, to the present day, when boundaries of exploration are being rolled back, canoeing is a sport rich in potential for young and old - the adventurous and the less adventurous.

How can I get started?
Visit an affiliated club or approved centre. Canoeing offers a wide range of activities, some based on competition and others, less formalised, based on journeying and adventuring. Visiting a club or approved centre is fun, safe and will help you to master the basic skills more quickly. Clubs and centres welcome new faces and many run special sessions for newcomers. 

Activity holidays often include canoeing and this can be a pleasant introduction, or perhaps you'd prefer to attend one of the many BCU regional events and chat to some of the paddlers themselves.

How much does it cost?
Canoeing is affordable and accessible to get into.  You do not need to purchase equipment straight away, you can try it at a BCU club , Centre or at your local Canoeing retailer.
Lessons vary in cost from £3 - £15 per session.

Find an affiliated club or approved centre near you

To find a club or centre near you, visit your home nation for contact details -     


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The document below might also be useful - 

Getting Started                      Click here to download PDF /bcu/"Download (PDF doc 274k in size)