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BCU Structure and Committees

British Canoeing Structure & Committees

Albert Woods OBE

Board of Directors
Mohamed Elsarky                             Chairman
Paul Owen                                       Chief Executive
Alan Baker                                       Wales
Denise Barrett-Baxendale                Independent
David Belbin                                     Independent
Giles Chater                                     Scotland
Mary Doyle                                       Northern Ireland
David Gent                                       England
Andy Maxted                                    England
Greg Smale                                      England

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are held in every calendar year; calling notices are sent to all Individual members and give at least 21 days notice.  AGMs are held for the following purposes:

• To receive from the Board, a full statement of account.
• To receive from the Board, a report of the activities of the Union since the previous AGM.
• To elect the Chairman, President, Vice-President and Treasurer.  (where appropriate)
• To appoint the Union’s auditors.
• To transact any other business as may be brought before it.

The English Council
The English Council is the committee established to manage the sport and recreation of Canoeing in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  Reports directly to the Board.

David Gent, Chairman and BCU Vice President
Kevin Dennis, Vice Chair

Representatives from all English Regional Development Team - North East, Cumbria, Yorkshire, North West, East MIdlands, West Midlands, East, London, South East, Southern, South West

Representatives from 11 disciplines - Canoe Sprint, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Marathon, Wildwater Canoeing, Canoe Polo, Canoe Surf, Canoe Sailing, Canoe Freestyle, Sea Touring, Whitewater Rafting, Canoe Lifeguards

Chair of English Coaching Management Committee - Steve Scorer

Chair of Waterways and Environment Operations Group, Vic Brown

English Representatives on BCU Board

English Council Terms of Reference

World Class Management Group (WCMG)
The WCMG is comprised of the following people:

    Albert Woods OBE       Chairman, BCU President
    Paul Buxton                   UK Sport Representative
    Paul Owen                    BCU Chief Executive
    John Anderson             BCU World Class Director of Performance
    Anne Hounslow            Canoe Slalom Committee Chair
    Brian Gandy                  Marathon Racing Committee Chairman
    Peter Moule                   Sprint Racing Committee Chairman

The WCMG is also attended by Andy Maddock, BCU Academy Manager.

Waterways and Environment Operations Group
The Waterways and Environment Operations Group is responsible for the strategic planning, policies, guidance, and implementations for access and the environment in England

English Coaching Committee (ECC)
The ECC manages coaching affairs in England.  Reports to the English Council.