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Social and Community Benefits

Canoeing provides great opportunities...

Not all of us are going to be, or even want to be, an Olympic gold medallist … but by taking part in canoeing for someone may be the new corner stone to their future development. The opportunity for them to take part may change their lives.  Participants may go on to be an international athlete or have a career working in watersports or may purely use watersports for low level competition or for recreational purposes with their friends and families.

After the basic skills have been mastered, a whole world of possibilities opens up. Canoeing is a skill that can give holidays an extra dimension. One might want to keep up with dolphins or whales out at sea, or take the family on a canoe and camping trip into the wilderness, or hunt out foamy rapids together for some adrenalin thrills. The permutations are almost endless.

Canoeing can and does help all sectors of society from those whish ASBOs to people with health problems and special needs to retired members of our society.
Combating social exclusion

Canoeing is and can be used across the country to provide opportunities for people of any age, (often with social problems who are or have the potential to be on the wrong side of the law).
One of the many examples is ‘Street Paddler’ which is aimed at:

• Young people at risk of offending
• Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
• Young people known to the police for ASB (anti-social behaviour)
• Other interested young people.

Case Studies 
Read 'Using Inland Waterways to Combat the Effects of Social Exclusion'
Read 'Street Paddler'

Revitalising communities

Canoeing in both urban and rural areas leads to opportunities for employment, more inclusive communities, health benefits and of course a wide range of leisure opportunities. Past research has shown that canoeing contributes approximately £750 million a year to the economy of England and Wales as well as supporting over 15,000 jobs.