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Health Benefits

Research has proved that regular contact with the natural environment results in many benefits including:

•        Reduction in Stress
•        Increased Physical Activity

And going canoeing can be just what the Doctor ordered!  A new initiative called Blue Gym has been launched http://www.bluegym.org.uk/ to encourage activities and usage of the coastline and inland waterways, canoeing certainly fits the principles of this initiative.. Inactivity in the UK costs the nation an estimated £8.3 billion every year

Need to exercise, but can’t stand the thought of going to the gym?

Enjoy training outdoors, but running has taken its toll on your joints? Want to get fitter, but can’t imagine yourself in Lycra? Then canoeing could be the sport for you.

The beauty of canoe sport is that there is something for everyone – you can push yourself as hard as you want. It can be competitive or recreational. It can be a team game or an individual test of speed and ability. It can be a sociable hobby or a way of escaping the crowds.

Whatever the objective, whether it is to; make new friends, get fit, lose a few pounds, push yourself to the limit or learn a new skill, canoeing is ideal. Contrary to the belief that your legs do not appear to be doing much, if you have good technique, paddling is a good all-body workout. You can burn up to 300 calories per hour paddling.*

It is also a fantastic way to meet people, socialise and learn new skills all at the same time. So you can keep healthy and have fun!

* Depending on body weight and how vigorously you paddle

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