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The BCU has two Access Campaigns and is working hard lobbying the Government to change the access situation. 

The British Canoe Union is federalised and Canoe England and Canoe Wales each have their own rivers access campaigns. Canoe England runs the Rivers Access Campaign and Canoe Wales run their 'Canoeing is not a crime' campaign.

The aims of the access campaigns are the same, but different approaches to lobby government are used, this is especially true because the Welsh have their own National Assembly.

In Scotland the situation is different, the public have access to water and land through the Scottish Land Reform Act which was passed in 2003. The act was combined with an Access Code of Conduct which gives people rights and responsibilities.

The Access issue is firmly on the Government’s agenda, not only through the work of Canoe England and the Welsh Canoeing Association, but also because of all the lobbying undertaken by members and non-members alike.

It is important that the Access situation is raised to the general public in order to gain awareness of the inequalities of the situation and to gain greater support.

CANOE ENGLAND - Rivers Access Campaign 


Canoe England runs a 'Rivers Access Campaign'.

The campaign Manager is Tamsin Phipps
[email protected]
For more information on the Rivers Access Campaign visit

Or read the Canoe England Rivers Access Campaign leaflet

CANOE WALES - Canoeing is Not a Crime Campaign 

Campaign Manager is Ashley Charlwood
For more information visit www.canoewales.com


The Scottish do not encounter the same access issues as the English and Welsh.
In 2003 the Scottish Land Reform Act was passed which ensured that the public had a right to access land and waterways. However, these rights are present together with clear personal responsibilities that help to protect the environment, natural habitats and nature.

For more information about access in Scotland visit - www.canoescotland.com